A Certification Built on Trust

fee-only, fiduciary, military expertise

Serving Military & Veteran Families

A Military Qualified Financial Planner has the professional background, military experience, and focus on military and veteran families to become the premier financial planner for the community.


To earn the MQFP certification, a candidate must have served in the military or have been a military spouse. It is the only way to fully understand the unique financial situations of military and veterans families.


Candidates will perform independent study and pass a rigorous exam to ensure they’re competent in military and veteran financial issues.

Professional Standards

MQFP professionals will abide by both the fee-only and fiduciary standards of practice. They will also complete continuing education requirements.

Download the Knowledge Objectives Here.

The Standards

An MQFP also holds the CFP®, AFC®, ChFC®, CFA®, CPA, or a State Bar Association license in good standing.

Fiduciary and fee-only at all times. An MQFP® operates in a fee-only capacity (no sales, commissions, etc.), works at a firm that also only receives compensation from clients, and is not married to anyone that works in a financial sales capacity.

An MQFP exemplifies integrity, competence, skills, diligence, professionalism, obedience of laws and regulations, and an outstanding personal financial history.

Financial Foundation

Sustained Superior performance

To become an MQFP, a professional must maintain good standing as a AFC®, CFP®, ChFC®, CFA®, CPA, or licensed attorney.

Clients must know that their planner is seasoned not just at solving military and veteran problems, but the entire battlespace of personal financial planning.

Fiduciary. Full Stop.

The best way to manage conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest from compensation sources are the original sin of the financial services industry. Military and veteran families deserve advice without having to be sold products.