MQFP Professional Standards

An MQFP performs in a position of trust for those who have pledged their lives in service of the United States of America.  Military servicemembers, veterans, and their families deserve the best possible financial planning and advice.  While not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice nor service-specific customs and courtesies, an MQFP should conduct him/herself at all times in a manner that reflects positively both on the uniformed services and the financial planning profession.

  1. To maintain the MQFP credential in good standing, professionals must:
    1. Be in good standing with any currently-held foundational credentialing agency for marks including AFC®, CFP®, CFA®, ChFC®, CPA, and/or state bar association.
    2. Comply with all initial credentialing requirements.
    3. Comply with continuing education and proficiency requirements.
    4. Comply with annual re-certification requirement.
  2. Fiduciary Duty. An MQFP must act as a fiduciary—always putting the client’s best interest first.
    1. Loyalty to the client and one’s employer are mandatory. When conflicts of interest arise, transparently disclose and manage them.  Proactively avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible.
      1. Avoid even the appearance of self-dealing.
      2. Do not engage in lending, borrowing, or joint investment ventures with clients.
    2. Prudent Judgement will be used to ensure that client needs are addressed with the utmost skill and consideration for client needs and circumstances.
    3. Adherence to legal client instructions and guidance must be strictly followed.
    4. Compensation transparency must be provided prior to and throughout a client relationship.
      1. Fee-only compensation is the only acceptable method. An MQFP cannot accept commissions or referral fees.
      2. An MQFP employed by a firm that uses commissions and referral fees for other advisors may not use the MQFP marks.
  • An MQFP married to a professional that accepts commissions and referrals for financial products and services cannot use the MQFP marks.
  1. An MQFP will always act with forthright honesty and integrity. Integrity requires unity of belief, words, and actions in the client’s best interest and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Competence and Skill. An MQFP must maintain the required skills to serve military and veteran clients with the highest level of professionalism.  An MQFP will seek outside assistance, modify the scope of work, or terminate the client relationship if unable to competently provide the services needed to a client.
  3. An MQFP will attend to client needs in a timely and comprehensive manner.
  4. An MFQP will treat all service members, veterans, and family members encountered during financial planning duties with respect and dignity.
  5. Laws and Regulations. An MQFP must not intentionally or negligently violate applicable laws and regulations.
    1. An MQFP has the duty to self-report adverse involvement with any criminal, civil, or regulatory authority within 30 days of the event. This includes arbitration and investigation by a prior employer.
  6. An MQFP must diligently protect the privacy and confidentiality of all current and former client information except as required to comply with legal processes.
    1. Sharing of client information shall be with positive consent and in service to the client’s needs.
    2. Use sound judgement when employing or recommending digital tools and services to ensure maintenance of client privacy.
  7. Prior history of any felony or non-traffic misdemeanor must be disclosed as part of initial application for the MQFP® marks. Such instances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Prior to applying for the MQFP® credential, applicants must not have:
    1. Conviction of a financial or tax felony or misdemeanor.
    2. Loss of financial license or credential due to misconduct.
    3. Conviction of any violent felony.
  8. Personal financial history. Applicants that have a personal bankruptcy, garnishment, or adverse financial event in their history will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.