MQFP Study Guides

We provide the following study guides to assist you in preparing for the MQFP Certification Exam. There is a separate study guide for each numbered knowledge objective. Each study guide has exercises for each of the lettered targeted learning objectives, along with a short quiz on the knowledge objective and references for further study. The answer key for all the study guides is a separate document, and can be found at the bottom of the list of study guides.

Knowledge Objective Study Guide
1.1 Active Duty Pay and Allowances SG1.1
1.2 Active Duty Healthcare SG1.2
1.3 Active Duty Life Insurance SG1.3
1.4 Active Duty Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Moves SG1.4
1.5 Active Duty Deployment Considerations SG1.5
1.6 Active Duty Education Benefits SG1.6
1.7 Active Duty Family Support Programs SG1.7
1.8 Active Duty Tax Issues SG1.8
1.9 Active Duty Retirement Planning SG1.9
1.10 Active Duty Additional Planning Considerations SG1.10
2.1 Reserve and Guard Pay and Allowances SG2.1
2.2 Reserve and Guard Healthcare SG2.2
2.3 Reserve and Guard Education Benefits SG2.3
2.4 Reserve and Guard Tax Issues SG2.4
2.5 Reserve Retirement Planning SG2.5
2.6 Reserve Legal Protections SG2.6
3.1 Transitioning SG3.1
3.2 Separating Servicemembers (not retirement eligible) SG3.2
3.3 Retiring Servicemembers (preparing for retirement) SG3.3
4.1 All Veterans SG4.1
4.2 Disabled Veterans SG4.2
4.3 Retirees SG4.3
4.4 Survivors SG4.4
5.1 Divorce SG5.1
Comprehensive Study Guide Answer Key Answer Key